The chartreux


The Chartreux is classed as an independent, upstanding, proud, but also reserved cat.  Once trust is gained, they tend to be very affectionate and loyal.


These cats develop a good attachment with their families, though they tend to bond with one particular person in their household, preferring to be in their general vicinity.  The Chartreux are renowned for their silence, as they tend to use their voice if and only when they have something important to communicate.


The Chartreux are independent and prefer not to be manipulated too insistently, though still love pets.  They require regular social interactions and quality time with their owners.
Overall, the Chartreux are perfect for those who love tranquility and require the companionship of an independent but still affectionate pet.  With the right dose of attention and respect of their boundaries, these cats will be a loyal and lovable pet for their whole life.